Welkoop kiest voor betalen leefbaar loon

Welkoop kiest voor betalen leefbaar loon

October 21, 2019

During the meet & greet between customers and suppliers from Schijvens corporate fashion, customers were given an explanation of the living wage projects of Schijvens, in its factory in Turkey and in Pakistan. Until then, Schijvens himself paid the increase for paying a living wage instead of the lower minimum wage. Welkoop would like to take responsibility and informed Schijvens that they would like to pay this increase. We and all employees in the factories are also very enthusiastic about this: teamwork makes the dream work!

In the clothing industry employees are usually paid under the living wage, which is not sufficient to make a living. To yet make a living overtime is often performed, however we feel that the basic wage should be enough to make a living. Schijvens wants to know whether its cost price is enough to pay for a living wage. If yes, then Schijvens wants to know why the employees are not paid a living wage. If not, then Schijvens wants to increase its cost price in order that the living wage can be paid.

Fair Wear Foundation works for good working conditions in the clothing industry and is one of our most important affiliates. Our factories are audited by FWF after which we then work on improvement of the work environment in association with the factory. Because of our performances we are, as a business, ‘leading’ within FWF, which is the highest category and we obtained a score of 86 points!

This month we are also in the SER magazine with an article about the living wage in Pakistan.

In 2018 Schijvens went to Turkey together with Fair Wear Foundation to visualize the living wage project. Curious how this process went and how the factory employees experienced this? Watch here the video: