From plastic bottles and worn textile to sustainable corporate clothing

From plastic bottles and worn textile to sustainable corporate clothing

April 18, 2017

Schijvens corporate fashion produces the first 100% circular corporate clothing, made from recycled textiles and recycled plastic bottles!


From plastic bottles and worn textile to sustainable corporate clothing.

Hilvarenbeek, 18 April 2017 – Schijvens Corporate Fashion from Hilvarenbeek has been designing and manufacturing corporate clothing since 1863. Schijvens strives for an economy in which today’s products form the basis of  tomorrow’s products, and actively works on the sustainability of its corporate clothing collections and its production chain. A long-term quest for sustainable production has yielded a particularly innovative and sustainable concept: clothing that is made from 50% used plastic bottles and 50% worn textiles. This is the first corporate clothing which is 100% recycled, and will be delivered to the Stayokay hotel chain.

100% recycled corporate clothing

Schijvens is convinced that producing textiles can and must be sustainable. Hence, Schijvens went looking for a solution to re-use worn textiles and ‘waste’. It turned out that plastic from plastic bottles with recycled textile together makes the ideal raw material for a new clothing fabric. This 100% recycled and sustainable clothing fabric is used to produce T-shirts and sweat jackets for personnel in the Stayokay hotel chain. The sustainable clothing will be worn with pride!
Especially for Stayokay, Schijvens has entered into a partnership with two leading brands that, like Schijvens, pursue sustainability: MUDjeans and REMOkey.

Sustainable cooperation


The Stayokay hotel chain, REMOkey (part of Recycle Movement), MUD-jeans and Schijvens Corporate Fashion all share the conviction that you as a human being, but also as a company, are responsible for your share in the circular economy. And therefore they jointly pursue one goal: working incrementally towards an organisation where waste is no longer waste, but a raw material for new products. Specifically, they do this by joining their forces and together producing the most sustainable corporate clothing for all Stayokay personnel and then to recycle it after use, so that future generations can enjoy these clothes and the world.

Shirley Schijvens, Director-owner Schijvens Corporate Fashion:

“It’s great to work with people who share our vision of sustainability and really want to work towards a better world. Together we strive for an economy in which a sustainable solution, such as the ‘re-use’ of raw materials, is a commonplace. Together for Stayokay, we have taken the first important step towards a circular economy in the field of corporate clothing (in this area we also have all kinds of other sustainable initiatives)!
Therefore… think outside the box, think inside the circle.”

About Schijvens

Schijvens Corporate Fashion is a Dutch family owned business that has been developing and manufacturing corporate clothing for the retail and retail industry since 1863. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has an impressive portfolio of customers such as A.S. Watson, Blokker Holding, Hema, Intratuin, P&G, Sligro Holding, Makro, Intergamma, Fabory, Praxis and Qatar Airlines. Schijvens is a socially responsible company and focuses its policies on social and environmental aspects. Schijvens’ goal is to produce sustainable post-consumer corporate clothing that is worn with pride and pleasure by the personnel of its customers. By 2020, Schijvens wants to fully embrace the circular economy.