Member of the Dutch parliament Jessica van Eijs visits Schijvens

Member of the Dutch parliament Jessica van Eijs visits Schijvens

August 30, 2018

This week Schijvens was pleased to welcome Jessica van Eijs to Schijvens. One of her main interests as a member of the Dutch Parliament is meeting the future challenges in the area of climate, which is the major concern of Schijvens with her circular corporate clothing.

Van Eijs aims to place textiles firmly on the Lower Chamber’s agenda, and a visit to Schijvens is an outstanding way for her to gather useful information. Schijvens is already well advanced in the production and development of 100% circular corporate clothing and work wear, and Schijvens is always delighted to provide inspiration and share expertise on this subject.

Picture: D66

An end to waste

The textile industry is the world’s second most polluting industry. The Netherlands produces an average of 200 million kilos of textile waste every year, therefore there are enormous opportunities for a circular model. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if a system could be devised to deliver zero textile waste and save precious raw materials? Schijvens is already achieving this, by collecting worn company clothing and using it as raw material for new garments. This was something van Eijs was able to see with her own eyes. Schijvens is already providing a number of major businesses in the Netherlands with 100% circular company clothing, including Hema, Etos, Vermaat, Stayokay, Bever and ABN Circl.

The role of government

With her position in the House of Representatives, van Eijs can be highly influential. Communication between government and consumers are in the view of Schijvens the most significant factor now: there is a need to share knowledge about the positive environmental impact consumers can achieve by choosing sustainable clothing. Other areas where van Eijs can play a role include rewarding businesses who are making progress in this area and providing support in relation to challenging trading conditions at an international level, allowing us all to work together to improve our environment.

All in all this was an inspiring visit, opening the way to many new opportunities to address climate change!