TBI goes circular!

TBI goes circular!

February 11, 2020

TBI introduced their new workwear during the Week of the Circular Economy. They have done this with a video that shows the entire circular process of their clothing.

One of the three strategic cases of TBI is circular entrepreneurship. Their goal is to create a sustainable environment and a fully circular business. To support these goals, TBI has developed a new, circular clothing line together with us and Intersafe. This clothing is shredded and mixed with pre consumer cutting waste and recycled pet polyester from bottles, fishing nets and sportswear. Combining these fibers results in 100% recycled yarn from which Schijvens produces new corporate uniforms. This proces has an environmental saving of on average 99% water, 40% energy and 40% CO2 emissions.

The old corporate clothing of TBI is collected in the recycling containers. As soon as the containers are full, they are collected and brought to our warehouse in Hilvarenbeek. Here the garments are sorted and sent to Turkey where they are recycled and become new circular clothing in combination with recycled PET.

When the stylists design the new collection, they keep in mind that the clothes can easily be recycled in the future. For example, the collar of the polo is made in the same fabric as the polo itself and a water-based coating is used for the jacket so that it can easily be melted down.

The clothing is also produced under the standards of the Fair Wear Foundation. An independent organization that monitors the working conditions of factory workers in clothing factories and strives to keep improving them. With a score of 86 out of 100 points, and 100% of the factories under supervision, Schijvens ensures safety and health for its people in the clothing factories.

Curious about the new clothing and the process? TBI shows it in this video:


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