Circular process

Old, discarded clothing

as raw material for new circular clothing

Step 1

The old work clothing is collected from the client and shredded.

Step 2

Old polyester (from fishing nets, sportswear, polyester clothing and other PET polyester) is ground into PET flakes. These are heated and melted down into granulate.

Step 3

There are two types of fibre: The shredded work clothing and trimmings are disassembled in a machine and you arrive at textile fibres. Once you heat the granulate, you can pull it into strands, which become PET fibres.

Step 4

The two types of fibres are combined with the Aware fibres in a blowroom and you can produce wicks from this mixture.

Step 5

Recycled yarn can be spun from the wick.

Step 6

New recycled cloth can be woven or knitted from the new yarn.

Step 7

The garment is stitched together. 

Step 8

Aware’s tracer can be used to check whether the garment has truly been produced with our recycled yarn.

Return procedure

Worn clothing is collected by PostNL and taken to our warehouse in Bladel. In Bladel he clothes are sorted by colour, bundled and sent to Turkey.

Circular process video

The full process from collecting used clothing to the delivery of new circular corporate fashion