Aware™ is the easy method to reveal true sustainable materials. The new consumer generation expects brands to deliver a contribution to a sustainable society. They demand reliable products that they can trust, offered with as much transparency as possible.

Therefor traceability is a necessity. It’s very difficult to prove that final garments are really made of genuine sustainable materials though. Because the connection between ‘the material’ and ‘the certification’ is unguarded during the production process. Greenwashing is a hidden risk. 

Schijvens has partnered with Aware ™, a traceability technology that can truly and easily verify the authenticity of sustainable materials. With a simple scan you can distinguish fake material from real sustainable fabric. In addition, you have access to all traceability data. This information and certainty enables brands to be transparent to their customers. Using blockchain technology, it can be verified that the recycled yarn entering the supply chain is the same yarn that comes out as clothing.

Schijvens adds Aware ™ tracer particles in the form of fibers to the recycled yarn during the fiberizing process and then uses a secure open-source blockchain to ensure that the material entering the supply chain is the same as the material leaving the supply chain as clothing. By offering validation, transparency and verification, this technology can eliminate greenwashing.

Production factories can then use the yarn in the same way as any other raw fabric. The difference is that at the end of production, the final product can be scanned to confirm that it is made from the original certified recycled materials.

This confirmation is then linked to the related digital token stored in blockchain, the original purchase order, the GRS certificate and the AWARE ™ Certificate of Authenticity. All of this information is then transferred to the company’s digital wallet, complete with an easy-to-understand blockchain interface that documents all of the environmental savings.

Schijvens x Aware

Schijvens is one of the first to use the Aware tracer. Our yarn producer adds the tracer particles to our yarn, which consists of 50% recycled textile and 50% recycled polyester. This yarn is scanned before delivery and checked for authenticity by Aware.

When the yarn has been approved, a digital version is created in a secure blockchain environment. The corresponding GRS certificate will also be added to this. Any other chain partner in the process can also trace the yarn with the scanner sets they have received from Schijvens. This guarantees authenticity throughout the chain.


Producers in the chain cannot unnoticed use other yarn or cloth than our certified and traceable materials

We cannot make more claims than the actual numbers produced.

Efficiency is increased by eliminating intermediate steps in important documentation, through blockchain