Supplier meeting 2017 Turkey

Supplier meeting 2017 Turkey

August 1, 2017

The annual suppliers meeting of Schijvens, which we organise since 2013, was again a great success this year! Our garment producers, fabric producers and yarn suppliers came from Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, India and Morocco, to our factory in Turkey. Topics such as improvement of the quality and delivery times were discussed but above all the focus of this week was on sustainability.

Together we vistited the recycling factory to show all our suppliers how we create new yarns out of used workwear and PET bottles. Which results in 100% recycled work clothing. This shows transparency to our supply chain, makes the immense amount of waste visible and shows how Schijvens is circulair and innovative processing this. By explaining and understanding this process, we can all contribute to a better future by collectively reduce our footprint.

We also presented a new tool that has implemented a Living Wage for the employees working in our factory in Turkey. From now on all our producers and suppliers are going to use this as well, with aim of improved labour-conditions and transparency among each other. By bringing together our supply chain we can learn from each other and share best practice.

Schijvens considers it as important to thank her suppliers annually for their efforts to satisfy our customers. Therefore also this year the Supplier Of The Year Award, a bonus of usd 3000, – for the best performing factory, has been handed over to one of our suppliers.