Schijvens wint Corporate Fashion Award met circulaire collectie CSU

Schijvens wint Corporate Fashion Award met circulaire collectie CSU

November 16, 2018

The time had finally come last Thursday 15th of November, the Corporate Fashion Award. Schijvens, together with its partners from the nominated Etos and CSU collections, was nervously seated along the catwalk.

Circularity was a central focus point during this 10th edition, this is why Schijvens decided to present the jury its entirely circular CSU collection. Etos’ circular collection was also introduced. These beautiful modern collections are a perfect way of showcasing the fact sustainable clothing doesn’t need to be any less beautiful than non-recycled clothing. It’s thereby also important for employees to be able to work in a representative manner.

When both parties are intrinsically motivated and convinced the production of work clothing needs to be sustainably, this problem is tackled. Developments in this area will also continue to progress. So, as it turns out, circularity in the work clothing industry is perfectly possible!

CSU’s collection is completely circular, consisting of two waste flows. Old work clothing and used PET bottles. The environment is thereby saved from a great deal of depletion and what was once waste, is now a raw material for new clothing. CSU can therefore save an impressive 40% on energy, 40% on CO2 emissions and 99% on water!

With the jury commenting on the fact that CSU’s collection is completely rounded and that this collection proves that CSR doesn’t need to be boring, we, together with CSU, managed to win the Corporate Fashion Award!