Schijvens report rating 8.6 at Fair Wear Foundation

Schijvens report rating 8.6 at Fair Wear Foundation

November 8, 2018

Fair Wear Foundation’s main goal is to achieve good working conditions in the clothing industry. The social labour standards drawn up by Fair Wear are the standard from which a company can obtain a rating. If a company becomes a member of Fair Wear Foundation, the code of conduct must be implemented and checks must be accepted.

This year, Schijvens has achieved an excessive score of  86 points! 11 points higher than last year!  Schijvens will retain its status as leader in the highest achievable category within Fair Wear. 100% of the factories in which Schijvens produces are subject to Fair Wears’s checking. This year Schijvens will be rolling out the living wage project in its factory in Pakistan, which Schijvens has already received the Best Practice Award for last year.

Schijvens employee, Jeske,  went to Pakistan earlier this year to talk to the supplier about the implementation of a living wage. All the factory employees were given a questionnaire about all the costs that they incur: rent, medical expenses, education and training, food, insurance etc. With this information it is possible to determine what the employees actually need to live on per week, so that their salary can be adjusted if needed.

Next year, the schedule includes rolling out the living wage project to all  other factories of Schijvens. In addition to this, the focus will be on reducing overtime and on training employees because during the training, employees are taught what their rights are.

Schijvens organises an annual supplier meeting where all these new developments will be discussed and all suppliers will share their knowledge to learn from each other. The 2018 supplier meeting will be held in Karachi at the end of November.

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