Schijvens once again leader at Fair Wear Foundation!

Schijvens once again leader at Fair Wear Foundation!

August 12, 2022

Schijvens Corporate Fashion once again retains its status as Leader within the Fair Wear Foundation! 100% of our factories are being monitored and this year our score has increased to 97 points.

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion, we have been committed to good working conditions in the factories where our customers’ clothing is produced for years. We entered into a partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation in 2010 and since then we have been assessed annually on our efforts and performance with regard to social working conditions in the garment factories we work with.

Value chain

What makes our value chain so special is that we have regular suppliers that we work with. Together we ensure that continuous efforts are made to improve the working conditions for employees in areas such as safety, working hours and wages. This close contact also contributes to the lasting and stable relationship between us and our suppliers. Where necessary, we provide support to our factories so that we can hopefully continue this relationship for years to come.

One of the reasons that our relationship with the suppliers is so close, is because we see each other every year during our supplier meeting. Last November we gathered with all our suppliers in Turkey for this supplier meeting. Everyone was really looking forward to this and it was nice to see each other again. We have visited our recycle factory and are always discussing the challenges and improvements. The most important thing is that we learn from each other these days. You need each other, listen to each other, develop each other and have trust and respect for each other. If all links in the value circle function properly, everyone benefits.

Living wage

The implementation of living wage is one of our main priorities. All employees in our own factory in Turkey as well as at our main supplier in Pakistan and one of our partners in China now receive a living wage. We believe that the wages we pay for our products should be sufficient to meet basic needs such as food, housing, transport, medicines, education, etc. That is why we at Schijvens investigate whether our cost price is sufficient to pay a living wage. If this is not the case, we choose to increase the cost price in such a way as to make a living wage possible.

In determining the living wage, all workers at these factories are involved in the process and in determining the wage, which is of course very important and valuable. By means of an extra allowance, the living wage is also included in our cost price and it is made possible to increase salaries at which employees earn enough to live on. Step by step we try to roll out our living wage tool to all our suppliers. Last year the living wage at our factory UFS in Turkey and in Pakistan at our main supplier increased. This is due to an increase in the minimum wage and inflation. Next year we will be working on the roll-out of the living wage in India and we hope to bring another partner in Pakistan in the near future.

Women Empowerment

In addition to a living wage, we are committed to women empowerment. Our main suppliers in Pakistan and India participate in a training program focused on gender equality and the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. Both countries pose a high risk in this area and the difference between men and women is very big. This year we also started a project to offer unemployed women training in communication skills, finance, family planning and language development in addition to a job. We hope to empower this group of women with this project and create a best practice for others.

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