Schijvens Leader at Fair Wear Foundation

Schijvens Leader at Fair Wear Foundation

September 11, 2017

Fair Wear Foundation

Fair Wear Foundation is an independent foundation, committed to creating good working conditions in the clothing industry. FWF works together with affiliated companies, in order to improve the working conditions in textile factories. We see it as being of the utmost importance that our clothing is produced in a fair manner, in a safe and healthy work environment, which is why we have been Fair Wear members since 2010.

FWF’s Brand Performance Check

100% of the clothing factories we work with are audited and monitored. This means a FWF team has inspected all of our factories. We subsequently get working on improving any of the issues found during the audit, together with the employees active within the factory.

Schijvens’ commitment is assessed by Fair Wear on an annual basis, whereby what we have undertaken as a company and which activities we have carried out are carefully scrutinised, allowing for improvements to be implemented in our factories. The findings are summarised in a report. Our aim for 2017 was to realise the highest achievable category and we did it! We, as a company, have become LEADER within Fair Wear with an impressive score of 75 points. Being a leader within the Fair Wear Foundation means we form part of the highest achievable category and are therefore realising outstanding results.

We focus on a different part of improved and good working conditions every year. The brand performance score which has made us a leader within Fair Wear this year was achieved, for example, as result of the following subjects;

  •       Our living wage project in our own factory in Turkey
  •       The active follow-up of audits
  •       The good relationship with partners, who all attend our annual supplier meeting

We are incredibly proud of the fact these improved working conditions have really made a difference in the clothing industry and we therefore see the brand performance score of 75 points as our crowning glory.

Schijvens’ Brand Performance Check continues

It goes without saying we are by no means done yet and will continue to work hard at realising and maintaining the best possible working environment in our factories. It will remain an ongoing process. Our focus during the forthcoming year will be on; the living wage, working hours and training our factory employees. We introduced our living wage tool to all our partners during our annual supplier meeting. All of the focus points have also been discussed with all the factories, allowing them to also provide their assistance wherever possible. In short, there are still plenty of challenges, which we will certainly enjoy rising to during the forthcoming period!

You can find the full Brand Performance Check Rapport here.