Schijvens Corporate Fashion Silver Medallist

Schijvens Corporate Fashion Silver Medallist

December 22, 2020

What a beautiful Christmas gift we received from Brussels: see here the Silver Award for the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021 (EBAE) in Brussels. During the event about the circular economy in Europe, the European Commission announced the winners of 2020.

The Awards are presented every two years and in June we already announced the good news that we had managed to qualify. We managed to get to the last sixteen of the 94 registrations from 16 European countries.

The Process Award is an Award for the successful application of an innovative solution in the field of process and production methods. The chosen solution must make a positive contribution to the environment while at the same time contributing to the economic and social aspects of sustainable development. This year the first prize went to Tejios Royo from Spain. The European Commission surprised us with the second prize in the form of a nice frame for our Award wall, a great end to 2020.

About the European Business Award

The European Business Awards for the Environment was launched in 1987 and is an Award for companies that make the greatest contribution to sustainable development in the field of eco-innovation.