Together we succeed!

Together we succeed!

November 8, 2019

In collaboration with the Municipality of Hilvarenbeek, Schijvens started more than a year ago, together with Biniam en Solomon, the process “Together we succeed.” Biniam and Solomon are refugees with a residence permit from Eritrea and work with us on return logistics. In the meantime they have completely found their place within our company.

Last month our colleagues Frans, Solomon and Biniam went to a meeting of the municipality of Hilvarenbeek. This meeting was devoted to the theme “Together we succeed.”

This project is now also experienced as very positive by other employers. Twenty governors and many employers from the municipality of Hilvarenbeek we’re present at this meeting. They had become curious because of the film. During this meeting the employers were introduced to the governors and further agreements were made about the options. In the end, Frans was pleasantly surprised by the alderman of the municipality of Hilvarenbeek and he was presented the “Together we succeed” trophy. ‘

Finally, we have this emotional and life-changing video in which Biniam and Solomon talk about their experiences at Schijvens. Onno Schreur is also speaking in this video. In the past year Otto has guided the men and managed to provide them with necessary support. Only providing the refugees is not enough, the right aftercare and guidance must be given from the municipality to ensure that this process turns out to be a success. Frans also talks about his experiences and contribution to this process. What started as an experiment eventually led to two valued and enthusiastic colleagues within the Schijvens family.