Return logistics: Introduction R-ladder

Return logistics: Introduction R-ladder

April 22, 2021

And we are live!

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we are commited to sustainability. Most of you already know that we use our customers’ old clothing as a raw material for making our circular corporate clothing. But from today our complete return logistics system, our R-ladder, is online. It’s an absolute must to keep the chain closed in order to be circular. That’s why it’s of vital importance to take back any delivered products, also once they’ve been used. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has organised this ‘return logistics’ in an innovative manner, together with its partners PostNL and Dobbi.

Schijvens collects used clothing. We DON’T do this to reuse or recycle the clothing as a low quality product, but to bring it back into the chain as a high quality product. The R-ladder, which is also used by the government, is used as our guideline in this process.

Schijvens allows the customer to select from various different options which are linked to the R-strategies via a completely innovative portal:


Clean and reuse by your employee. Dobbi collects the clothing at home and returns it washed within 48 hours.


Clean and return back to stock, for example when your employee has left the company.


Repair and reuse.


Refrain from use and return, for example if you have ordered something incorrectly.


Return for complaint handling.


Return for recycling, because the item really has reached the end of its life.

For each item it can be checked which option is applicable. In this way, an article can be used again with a small action or adjustment. This is how we combat waste!

Would you like more information about our return logistics system? Please contact us or visit the return logistics page .