Praxis, Brico & Planit go circular!

Praxis, Brico & Planit go circular!

April 19, 2019

Maxeda is the umbrella company for DIY Stores in the Benelux, Praxis in the Netherlands, Brico in Belgium and Brico Planit in Luxembourg. Maxeda is the Benelux’s market leader, with more than 360 stores and almost 7000 employees.

The DIY Group takes its responsibility very seriously where corporate social responsibility is concerned. They have also fully implemented this in their workwear with effect from this year. This clothing is produced in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.
The new clothing consists of two waste streams, used workwear and old PET bottles and is therefore completely circular. Two valuable waste streams which are turned into a fully-fledged raw material through the recycling process. Savings realised as a result of this circular clothing compared to the old clothing amounts to 99% water, 40% energy and 40% CO2 emissions. If we convert the quantities they have ordered in recycled materials into a saving, we’re talking 600,000 showers, driving 2 laps around the earth and 340 years of non-stop gaming.

The clothing is produced under the Fair Wear Foundation standards. An independent organisation which monitors the working conditions for factory employees in clothing factories and strives to continue to improve these. With a score of 86 out of 100 points and 100% of the factories being supervised, Schijvens looks after the health and safety of its people in the clothing factories.

We are incredibly happy that Praxis, Brico Plan It and Brico have opted to wear clothing which is good for both people and the environment, with love for the maker and the wearer.

On behalf of Team Schijvens and the environment, thank you very much!

Curious about the circular collection? Check the commercial below