Circularity is carried out in all components

“The circularity of production and supply of corporate fashion is carried out in all components.
The cooperation and contact with Schijvens is pleasant.”

The first circular collection

With the recycled work clothing from StayOkay, the first circular work clothing collection is a fact! Since April 2017, employees have been wearing company clothing that consists of 50% recycled textiles mixed with 50% recycled PET polyester. This collection is a reflection of the sustainability policy of both parties. This collection is also the first pilot within the ECAP project, an initiative of the European Union to shape circular entrepreneurship in the textile sector.

The collection

It turned out that plastic from PET bottles together with recycled textile are ideal raw materials for a new clothing material. This 100% recycled and sustainable clothing fabric is used to produce the T-shirts and sweat vests for the staff of hostel chain StayOkay. The text on the clothing emphasizes that they are recycled. These sustainable clothes will be worn with pride!

Video proces

Together, we have made the first important step towards a circular economy for StayOkay in the field of corporate fashion.