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The largest restaurant chain in the world

The collection

McDonald’s employees shine in their new sustainable outfit! The sustainable colors are used to emphasize the sustainable character of the chain. Besides the fact that the collection is sustainable, it is also hip, casual and there are many fun elements! For example, the sesame seeds of the burger have been incorporated into the collection and small embroidery has been added.

The design process

The employees are involved in the design process of the new collection from start to finish. For example, we started a survey to find out what kind of look and feel is desired and a wearing test was held to further improve the look and wearing comfort based on the feedback from the employees.

Press release McDonald's

The employees of McDonald’s Restaurants are literally given a new look. In collaboration with family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion, new company clothing has been developed for employees in the Restaurants, a trendy clothing line with a lot of variation that is completely in line with this time. Employees from the Restaurants have helped with the choice of company clothing, which is produced in a sustainable manner. Old McDonald’s company clothing is collected and used as raw material for the production of the new (circular) clothing.