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Schijvens provides the employees of DutchDubai with a sustainable outfit

The employees of the Dutch pavilion will be wearing recycled clothing by Schijvens during the Dubai Expo 2020. The clothing is made from recycled textiles and recycled PET polyester. After the Expo, the clothing is taken back and recycled so we can use it again for our corporate fashion. With this we save more than 90% water, we save at least 20% energy and 20% CO2 emissions.

The collection

With the DutchDubai collection we have transformed the real workwear into a contemporary image. The denim clothing gives a rugged look and is finished with subtle accents. The logo colours can be found in the stitching, the denim outfits of the ladies are nicely finished with an orange and denim belt and even the slogan of the Dutch pavilion can be found on the shoes.