Dirk van den Broek

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You can count on Dirk!

The collection

Dirk’s collection is an extensive collection with unique accents that propagate the brand identity. For example, the stripe of the polo refers to the stripe under the Dirk logo. All departments have their own look, making it clear at a glance who works in which department. The new company clothing has a hip and young look and practicalities have been taken into account to make the working conditions in the new clothing as comfortable as possible.


Extra attention has been paid to processing the Dirk identity. The unique initials of the founder of Mr. Dirk van den Broek have been added as an accent to the clothing, so that it is clearly visible, for example. An accent that ensures that every employee carries the company identity!

Press release

From now on, all employees of Dirk van den Broek will put their sleeves in a new jacket. The new corporate clothing, produced in collaboration with Schijvens Corporate Fashion, is fully circular. The fabrics of the new outfits are developed by collecting old Dirk clothing and combining it with recycled PET bottles, ocean plastic and organic cotton. As of Sunday 19 February, everyone will be working in the new outfit.

Announcement new collection

The new collection will be seen in stores from February!