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Facility service provider CSU is going completely circular!

Every detail of CSU’s new extensive collection has been made from recycled yarn since 2018 and designed in such a way that it can also be easily recycled. From suit to work trousers and from polo to apron, every item is 100% recycled. A fantastic fun challenge with a great result!

The circular design

Our design department in Hilvarenbeek had to take a good look at how the clothing should be styled to make it suitable for the circular line. There are no buttons on the polo and the collar is made of the same material as the rest of the polo. This allows everything to go into the shredder at once.

The circular design

The suits are made of 100% polyester so they can be melted in one go. The trousers do not have a zipper, again in the context of recycling. When you use a zipper, it has to be cut away when you recycle the pants and you lose a lot of fabric, that’s why we chose to use buttons here. These are removed from the trousers.

Winner Corporate Fashion Award 2018

in the Sustainable Collection category with the 100% circular collection.