Albert Heijn

Recycled PET and used clothing

AH employees work in a sustainable jacket

The collection

Together with a team of store employees, the new clothing was designed and tested. It not only had to be comfortable but also contemporary. The result: distinct Albert Heijn blue with new elements such as denim aprons and orange colour accents. The colours used in the shops have been an inspiration for the clothing. For example, the orange bonus colour is incorporated into the various accents, such as the stitching, the hem of the polo and the neck tape.

The logo

The Albert Heijn logo can also be seen in various ways in the clothing. For example, the buttons on the chef’s jacket and the piping on the polo shirt are the Albert Heijn colour blue and the house logo has been placed on the roll-up system of the sleeves and on the edge of the jackets, polos and blouses. The pattern of the cashiers’ scarf is also entirely made up of the outline of the logo.

Video announcement

The new clothing will be seen in stores from May 2020.