MVO partners

We feel strongly about Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable entrepreneurship is not something you do alone


The Social and Economic Council is the most important advisory council for government and parliament on socio-economic issues. Entrepreneurs, employees and independent crown members work together in the SER.

Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organisation that monitors the working conditions of factory workers in garment factories and strives to continuously improve them.  

Transparency pledge

The Transparency Pledge is an initiative of the Clean Clothes Campaign (SKC) and labour and human rights organisations such as Human Right Watch, among others.


The NEN has decided to develop a certification scheme for the textile sector. Schijvens is fully familiar with the NTA 8195:2020 and is even a member of the standards committee. 

MVO Nederland

Shirley is a member of the MVO Nederland (CSR organisation) steering committee. MVO Nederland facilitates entrepreneurs in the Koplopernetwork (Leader Network) to exchange experiences and ideas and to work together on the new economy.


Schijvens works together with Aware ™ , a traceability technology that can truly and easily verify the authenticity of sustainable materials. With a simple scan you can distinguish fake material from genuine sustainable fabric. Schijvens is one of the first to use the Aware tracer. 


ISO 9001 refers to the management system for quality. It concerns guaranteeing and improving the quality of the organisation, its products and services, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.


ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation. The environmental management system is used to develop an environmental policy appropriate to the organisation and to ensure its implementation.


Innovatus is a consultancy organisation focused on providing combined services to brands and retailers in business and social risk management.


Schijvens Corporate Fashion is a member of Modint. Modint provides an ecotool that Schijvens uses to calculate the environmental impact of an article. 


REMOkey has a database that maps out the links in the Schijvens Corporate Fashion recycling chain and calculates how much post-consumer material a product contains. Schijvens attaches the label issued by Remo to the corporate fashion item. 


Schijvens engages the independent expertise of Intertek for the testing, inspection and certification of the cloth and garments. Intertek’s independent reports allow Schijvens to demonstrate that its products meet quality and health standards.


The focus of ECAP is to develop a pan-European framework to bring environmental and economic benefits to the garment sector by creating a circular approach across Europe. Schijvens is the first pilot in the ECAP project. 

Holland Circulair

Holland Circular Hotspot is a private-public platform in which companies, knowledge institutions and (local) governments work together to promote and support international cooperation and knowledge exchange on the Dutch circular economy.


Dobbi is Schijvens’ partner in return logistics. At Dobbi our clients’ clothing is cleaned and can then be returned to stock. This is done to extend the life of an article.


PostNL is Schijvens’ partner in the return logistics process. The boxes and containers of clothing for recycling or repair can be registered by the customer in the relevant PostNL portal. PostNL collects the clothing from the customer and ensures that it arrives at Schijvens in Hilvarenbeek.