Signing Transparency Pledge

Signing Transparency Pledge

November 26, 2019

Last Tuesday Schijvens signed a Transparency Pledge with 7 other companies participating in the Sustainable Clothing and Textile Covenant. The pledge contains a promise to be transparent about our production by publishing a list of locations where we produce our clothing, what type of clothing we produce and number of employees per location.

The Transparency Pledge is an initiative of the Clean Clothes Campaign (SKC) and workers’ and human rights organizations such as Human Right Watch. Making production locations public is an important step towards better working conditions. This allows local parties to directly report abuse to the clothing companies, so that action can be taken.

At Schijvens we have been committed to a living wage for quite some time and we are therefore also affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. Within the covenant we have already announced our production locations through a joint production location list. We will also publish a yearly plan of action in which our customers can read about the current situation in our factories and what our objectives are for the coming year.

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