New summer look for Etos employees

New summer look for Etos employees

June 16, 2023

This summer you see Etos employees in a completely new look. Since 2017, Etos has introduced the Pick & Mix line. Every day, employees can choose their own style with ten items from the Etos clothing collection. In this way, more than 5,400 employees create their own Etos look. A new sustainable shirt has been added to this collection.

Etos works together with Schijvens, a family business that has been designing workwear since 1863 and won the Dutch Circular Award Business in 2020. Schijvens makes corporate fashion from used or worn-out clothing in combination with recycled polyester so that the yarn remains strong, colorfast and wear-resistant. All old Etos workwear is handed in to Schijvens for recycling into new workwear.

The design and colors of the new Etos summer shirt are easy to recognize for the customer. The Etos collection is developed in close collaboration with employees from the store. Numerous variants are devised, which satisfy in terms of look and feel. The shirt and matching scarf is the result.

This summer you can see the Etos employees shine in these new clothes. Together they work on the mission to help the customer feel good every day!