MOOC Avans University of Applied Sciences

MOOC Avans University of Applied Sciences

October 28, 2022

Schijvens Corporate Fashion is a partner of the international education project on Integrated reporting of Avans University of Applied Sciences. To this end, they approached a number of SMEs that have embedded sustainability in their strategy to tell us something about this. Schijvens cannot be missed in this series.

In the video, Tom Vos talks to Jeske van Korven, who is responsible for CSR within Schijvens. Curious about what Tom and Jeske have to discuss? Then watch the video.


This video is used in the MOOC of Avans, a Massive Open Online Course. The role of SMEs in Europe and sustainability are central to this MOOC.

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a large-scale course that is taught online. So you are not tied to a location. You will work with traditional study materials such as text, videos and cases. You interact with students and professionals worldwide via discussion platforms.