McDonald’s employees are undergoing metamorphosis

McDonald’s employees are undergoing metamorphosis

January 23, 2023

Utrecht, January 23, 2023. The employees of McDonald’s Restaurants are literally being given a new look. In collaboration with family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion, new company clothing has been developed for employees in the Restaurants, a hip clothing line with a lot of variation that is completely in line with this time. Employees from the Restaurants have helped with the choice of company clothing, which is produced in a sustainable manner. Old McDonald’s company clothing is collected and used as raw material for the production of the new (circular) clothing.

This week, about two hundred Dutch Restaurants will switch to the new company clothing, which has a much less formal appearance. For example, a hoodie has been added to the clothing line and there is a lot of attention to detail, from sesame seed stitching to small and playful embroidery. All trousers are now jeans, where you can choose from a regular or slim fit. On the advice of consulted employees, an elastic band has been added to the trousers for more comfort. There is also a wide range of headgear, from a sunvisor to a baseball cap. And the outdoor softshell jacket has a removable liner to give Crew more choice. The collection for the management team in the Restaurants is distinctive, but in the image of today. As a result, the sweat blazer and the dress also have a casual look.

The Schijvens family business from Hilvarenbeek has been producing all company clothing for the Dutch McDonald’s Restaurants since 2020 and makes all clothing from recycled cotton and recycled polyester, including old company clothing that has been collected from the Restaurants. The company is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization that is committed to better working conditions in textile factories worldwide. In addition, the new workwear is a huge improvement for the environment, with 96 percent less water consumption, 20 percent less CO2 emissions and 36 percent less energy consumption.

Jaap Rijnsdorp-Schijvens, CEO Schijvens is enthusiastic about the new clothing line: “The special thing about this assignment is that we developed the new work clothing together with McDonald’s employees, for McDonald’s employees. They thought it was great that we turned their old clothing into new company clothing. As a family business, we believe it is important to take steps forward with each generation. McDonald’s really challenges us to that, which makes the collaboration very special.”

“Clothing that makes you feel good and that reflects who we are is very important to our 20,000 employees and reflects our identity. A precondition for this is that the clothing is produced in a responsible manner,” says Ineke Jeuster, People Director at McDonald’s Netherlands. “I am also pleased with the request from our Franchisees to add the logo of the Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Fund on the sleeves of the clothing. In this way we promote our bond with the Children’s Fund even more visibly in our 262 restaurants”.


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