McDonald’s and ELLE joined forces for a unique photo exhibition

McDonald’s and ELLE joined forces for a unique photo exhibition

November 23, 2023

Who says workwear and fashion can’t go together? This article was produced in collaboration with McDonald’s. McDonald’s and Team ELLE joined forces for a collaboration you (trust us) won’t want to miss! Together with perhaps the world’s best-known catering chain, we put a number of employees in a sunny mode. You can read all the details here.


McDonald’s and fashion? Really! McDonald’s and ELLE joined forces and launched a photo exhibition on November 20 that you as a fashion (and perhaps also burger) lover really don’t want to miss. McDonald’s new employer campaign is all about one thing: the employees. At McDonald’s you as a person are central and not your age, origin or education level. It’s all about you and your strengths in the workplace. That’s nice work!

From baking the famous French fries, flipping burgers to working a shift behind the cash register; without their employees there are no successes. And that is why we, together with McDonald’s, are happy to put those employees in the spotlight.

And of course we tackled this in a big way! ELLE got six McDonald’s employees in front of the camera, completely styled in the latest fashion trends of the season. But their spectacular outfits weren’t just runway pieces – parts of their McDonald’s uniforms also turned out to be extremely fashionable. The result? A unique photo exhibition that you really don’t want to miss! The exhibition was unveiled during an event on November 20, after which we can officially call this successful photo series open.

Carmen Danielle de Greef

‘For me, McDonald’s is: fun, career opportunities, friends and family, self-development, passion, service, the nicest colleagues and managers and team members of all, fun crew outings, the sweetest boss there is, the nicest restaurant manager there is, always being able to do something different and variation in where you work because sometimes you work in a different restaurant than usual. The passion for my work is great and you can continue to develop at McDonald’s – that is super important to me.’

Joas Torn

‘I want to develop further in the catering industry, that is why I work at McDonald’s. It’s my second home and I can’t imagine what I would do without McDonald’s.”

Juliet de Wilde

‘McDonald’s feels like a safe place to me where I dare to share my opinion without worries. Everyone is welcome and can be themselves, which is why the atmosphere between colleagues is always super good. I love gaining new experiences, so I couldn’t let this adventure with ELLE go.’

Maartje Honing

‘I started working at McDonald’s when I was sixteen. My parents have been franchisees since I was 12 and working here was something I was taught from a young age. I soon discovered for myself what a great brand it is to work for. I enjoy going to work every day. Especially because we are there for everyone. Because that’s what we really are. My restaurant is like a living room in the big, busy city. A place where everyone can be themselves and where everyone can come together. That’s why I work at McDonald’s!’

Furkan Keskin

‘What McDonald’s means to me? Family, friendship, fun and challenge. I walked in five years ago thinking I would be there temporarily, until I realized that I really enjoyed the work and could continue to challenge myself every day. I have now been a manager for a year and I, together with my colleagues, can put a smile on the faces of the guests every day. No day is the same, always with new challenges and experiences, and that makes it a lot of fun. The feeling is almost indescribable.’

Aida Simon

‘Experiencing a fashion shoot has always been my dream, and look at me now! The fact that it is also combined with McDonald’s, where I really enjoy working, is the perfect match for me. The contact with the guests and the friendliness of the team makes working here so pleasant. This makes McDonald’s my second home.’