Kruidvat goes circulair

Kruidvat goes circulair

May 8, 2020

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have been making corporate clothing for Kruidvat for years. This includes the old polo that was in the collection around the year 2010. This has been removed from the collection, but now, in 2020, we decided to reintroduce it. This, because many like to wear the polo.


Due to the demand for the polo, we decided to look at the entire collection, because it could use a freshening up. A group has been formed from the head office, the branches and from Schijvens Corporate Fashion. With this group we brainstormed about the wishes and requirements of the employees. Under the guidance of stylist Janice, we looked together at which collection would fit best.

Fashion show

Then a fashion show was organized in the store Woensel-West in Eindhoven. The management was also present. Colleagues from the store had been trained as models for one night. They walked the catwalk accompanied by music and applause. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the look of the clothing, including the management. The large element on the back and the elegant fit were particularly popular.

Circular corporate fashion

The clothing is fully circular and consists of fifty percent recycled cotton and fifty percent recycled PET bottles. Savings from this circular clothing compared to the old clothing amount to 99% water, 40% energy and 40% CO2 emissions.

Fair Wear Foundation

100% of the factories where Schijvens Corporate Fashion produces its clothing are monitored by the Fair Wear Foundation. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organization that works for the good working and living conditions of the workers in the factories. They check our factories unannounced and this is also audited. Every year a brand performance check is executed by Fair Wear and again this year we achieved a score of 86 points. In this way we maintain our status as Leader, the highest achievable category within Fair Wear Foundation.

Living wage

In our factories we pay a living wage. In the clothing industry, workers are usually paid below living wage, which is not sufficient for basic needs. In order to still earn enough, people often work overtime, but we believe that the basic wage should be enough to earn a living. Kruidvat agrees with this statement and therefore pays half of the supplement. So Schijvens Corporate Fashion and Kruidvat together pay the surcharge that is required for the factory workers to build a livable life.

Read here the article by fashion designer Janice