Dirk van den Broek gives employees a circular new look

Dirk van den Broek gives employees a circular new look

February 20, 2023

Alphen aan den Rijn, 20 February 2023 – From now on, all employees of Dirk van den Broek wear new corporate clothing The new corporate clothing, produced in collaboration with Schijvens Corporate Fashion, is fully circular. The fabrics of the new outfits are developed by collecting old Dirk clothing and combining it with recycled PET bottles, ocean plastic and organic cotton. As of Sunday 19 February, everyone will be working in the new outfit.


Unique accent: initials by Mr. Dirk van den Broek

After a careful process of designing, choosing materials and testing, the garments have officially passed the inspections and are ready to be worn. For example, extensive testing has been carried out on, among other things, wearing comfort, dimensions and washing experience, in order to optimize the quality and comfort of the clothing. An eye-catching detail of the new company clothing is the clearly visible initials of the founder of the supermarket chain.

Marcel Huizing, general manager of Dirk van den Broek: “We are very happy to finally be able to show our new company clothing to the outside world. In addition to all the details in terms of wearing comfort and the appearance of the real Dirk identity, such as the initials of the founder of the family business, the clothing line is special because of the recycled fabric and the sustainable way in which the clothing is produced.

Who wears what

The new clothing once again clearly shows who works in which department. Also in the new designs, the cashiers will wear something different from the supermarket manager and the fruit and vegetable employee. The biggest newcomers in the clothing line are the cardigans. For example, the fresh staff who always fill the cold store are given a sporty vest. Employees in the checkout department are given a blazer-style vest. A polo is worn under these vests, just like the other employees. The bakery and fruit and vegetable employees wear an apron over the polo and the well-known cap on their head. The department managers wear a waistcoat over a shirt and the supermarket managers can be recognized in the new clothing by the extra jacket and a tie or scarf.

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