MOOC Avans University of Applied Sciences

Schijvens Corporate Fashion is a partner of the international education project on Integrated reporting of Avans University of Applied Sciences. To this end, they approached a number of SMEs that have embedded sustainability in their strategy to tell us something about this. Schijvens cannot be missed in this series.

We produce fully circular by the end of 2022

Shirley Schijvens is the 5th generation of the family owned business Schijvens Corporate Fashion in Hilvarenbeek. Her ambition is to have a fully circular production by the end of 2022. She has therefore been involved in the sustainable development of Schijvens for a number of years. Employees, chain partners and customers; they do it all together. This is even a bit “addictive” for her. She clearly explains in podcast episode 3 of ‘Elise in MVO-land’ what this way of working yields and costs her.

Fair Wear Foundation rates Schijvens with a 9.6

Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been committed to creating good working conditions in the factories where our customers’ clothing is produced for many years. We entered into a collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation in 2010 and have been fighting for fair working conditions in the clothing industry together ever since that time.

Schijvens once again leader at Fair Wear Foundation

Schijvens has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2010 and is assessed annually on its efforts and performance with regard to social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works. Yesss, once again Schijvens has retained its status as leader brand within the Fair Wear Foundation!!

Signing Transparency Pledge

Schijvens has signed a Transparency Pledge with 7 other companies that participate in the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. In this we promise to be transparent about our production by publishing a list showing where we produce our clothing, what type of clothing we produce there and how many people work there.