To pursue for a clear and unambiguous formulation of circular textiles, the NEN is setting a standard. Until clear test methods for a NEN standard have been described, a Dutch Technical Agreement has now been made, which describes how one can subdivide circular textiles.

Finalist European Business Award for the Environment

The European Commission has asked all countries to submit their best circular companies. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been judged by the jury of the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021 as winner of the Dutch Circular Business Award and nominee for the Koning Willem 1 Plaquette. We have been chosen as finalist from 16 countries (last 4!) and in November we hear in Brussels if we can bring the award to the Netherlands!

Kruidvat goes circulair

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have been making corporate clothing for Kruidvat for years. This includes the old polo that was in the collection around the year 2010. This has been removed from the collection, but now, in 2020, we decided to reintroduce it. This, because many like to wear the polo.

Artikel MVO Nederland: Koploper Shirley Schijvens (Schijvens)

In the interview series “Koploper uitgelicht” we ask a company from our Frontrunner network of Large Business Network every month about their ambitions and the opportunities they see to be part of that transition. Shirley Schijvens sets a new course for the company that her family started over one hundred and fifty years ago with the development of one hundred percent circular corporate clothing.