National day of the Netherlands

At the Expo2020 in Dubai we had the opportunity to talk to H.M. Queen Máxima about the circular corporate clothing that Schijvens has produced for the Dutch pavilion. In addition, we were able to give the Queen and Ambassador Lody Embrechts an explanation of our Women Empowerment project in Pakistan that we recently started.

Introduction Aware

Schijvens has partnered with Aware ™, a traceability technology that can truly and easily verify the authenticity of sustainable materials. With a simple scan you can distinguish fake material from real sustainable fabric.

Return logistics: Introduction R-ladder

It’s an absolute must to keep the chain closed in order to be circular. That’s why it’s of vital importance to take back any delivered products, also once they’ve been used. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has organised this ‘return logistics’ in an innovative manner, together with its partners PostNL and Dobbi.

Chemicaliën, water en energie (WECH)

In the past year, we closely studied the chemical process in our productions. Think of dyes, but also certain finishes such as making blouses non-iron. All these applications can affect people and the environment, and we limit this as much as possible.