BNR nieuwsradio The Green Quest

BNR nieuwsradio The Green Quest

March 9, 2020

At The Green Quest they are looking for the sustainable doers of BV Netherlands and every week someone is invited to the broadcast. Last Monday Jaap Rijnsdorp, CEO at Schijvens, who takes part.

In the first part of the broadcast, Alexander Kohnstamm, director of Fair Wear Foundation, speaks. Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organization that monitors the working conditions of factory workers in garment factories and strives to continue improving them. With a score of 86 out of 100 points, and 100% of the factories under supervision, Schijvens ensures safety and health for its people in the clothing factories

In the second part, our own CEO of Schijvens Jaap Rijnsdorp will speak, where he will try to convince jury member Anne-Marie Rakhorst of our sustainable innovation.

The sustainable innovation that we propose

Our circular corporate clothing is corporate clothing made from old corporate clothing and is reused after wearing. We keep all corporate clothing within our chain. Nothing ends up on the mountain of waste. We pick it up and use it to make new yarn. PET waste is also collected. These two together, so old clothing and PET polyester, serve as raw material for new corporate clothing. If this clothing has been worn, we can do it again. As a result, multiple waste flows are reduced and fewer new raw materials have to be used. In addition, this process saves 99% on water, 40% on energy consumption and 40% on CO2 emissions.

View our page in The Green Gallery here and listen to the broadcast

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