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How Schijvens works on fair and transparent chains – MVO Nederland

Chain responsibility. It is a major challenge for many textile companies with production across the border. How do you approach this and do you as a company take responsibility for your product, without passing everything on to your international suppliers? We asked Jeske van Korven and Trix van Halder, both responsible for CSR at Schijvens Corporate Fashion.

Family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion, social for 160 years

Since 2000, Schijvens Corporate Fashion has focused with heart and soul on fairwear. Since 2016, the company has been producing almost completely circularly. The most famous Dutch companies such as KLM, NS and Albert Heijn have their employees dressed by Schijvens. Ambassadors, ministers and even His Majesty the King came to Hilvarenbeek to see how team Schijvens does it. “Well, step by step. You just have to start.” A special interview with commercial director Shirley Schijvens.

A collaboration of values

Koppert Cress is proud to introduce its new circular workwear collection. A collection designed not only to offer a modern look and comfort, but also to make a powerful statement in its commitment to sustainability.

Beyond labels: in conversation with Schijvens Corporate Fashion

Family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been producing corporate clothing for many well-known companies such as Albert Heijn, KLM, Kruidvat en McDonald’s. hey started working on sustainability and social entrepreneurship at an early stage. Erna Heymans🌍💚♻️ from EE Labels talked to CEO Jaap Rijnsdorp about their journey to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Schijvens retains Leader status at Fair Wear Foundation

Annually, Schijvens is assessed for its human rights due diligence efforts and is rewarded with a very good score 8.8. This makes us leader within Fair Wear with the highest score achieved in 2023 amongst all brands.  

Women empowerment

Schijvens started a women’s empowerment program in 2022 in collaboration with Zeeman, research expert Rabia, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and 3 Pakistani suppliers, in which research is conducted into gender equality and women’s empowerment, and a group of women are given the opportunity to find a place in the labor market, with all the tools and given space to develop themselves in work and personal skills.

McDonald’s and ELLE joined forces for a unique photo exhibition

Who says workwear and fashion can’t go together? This article was produced in collaboration with McDonald’s. McDonald’s and Team ELLE joined forces for a collaboration you (trust us) won’t want to miss! Together with perhaps the world’s best-known catering chain, we put a number of employees in a sunny mode. You can read all the details here.

160 years anniversary of Schijvens Corporate Fashion

Last week we welcomed our 44 Turkish colleagues from the UFS factory at Schiphol. They came especially to the Netherlands to celebrate our 160th anniversary together with the rest of the team. A historic moment that we do not want to let pass by.

New corporate video

Over the years, Schijvens Corporate Fashion has grown into an indispensable player in the world of corporate clothing.

Nomination BOV-Trophy 2023

On June 1, Sander Pouwelse and Simon van Esch managed to surprise us at our office in Hilvarenbeek. They came with the happy news that Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been nominated for the BOV trophy 2023 within the Schaalbaar Succes theme!

New summer look for Etos employees

This summer you see Etos employees in a completely new look. Since 2017, Etos has introduced the Pick & Mix line. Every day, employees can choose their own style with ten items from the Etos clothing collection. In this way, more than 5,400 employees create their own Etos look. A new sustainable shirt has been added to this collection.

European Parliament

Our CEO Jaap Rijnsdorp was invited at the European Parliament in Brussels to speak about Due Diligence Legislation. During this meeting they debate about the practical implementation of the CSDD directive and the tools needed to achieve the objectives set by the CSDD directive and sectoral Due Diligence legislation.

Corporate uniforms made better: Schijvens

Uniforms from apparel maker, Schijvens, are found on employees at well-known companies, including McDonalds, Albert Heijn and the drugstore-chain Kruidvat. The company’s mission is to make their production as sustainable as possible, with a special focus on living wages.

Dirk van den Broek gives employees a circular new look

From now on, all employees of Dirk van den Broek will put their sleeves in a new jacket. The new corporate clothing, produced in collaboration with Schijvens Corporate Fashion, is fully circular. The fabrics of the new outfits are developed by collecting old Dirk clothing and combining it with recycled PET bottles, ocean plastic and organic cotton. As of Sunday 19 February, everyone will be working in the new outfit.

McDonald’s employees are undergoing metamorphosis

The employees of McDonald’s Restaurants are literally being given a new look. In collaboration with family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion, new company clothing has been developed for employees in the Restaurants, a hip clothing line with a lot of variation that is completely in line with this time. Employees from the Restaurants have helped with the choice of company clothing, which is produced in a sustainable manner.

MOOC Avans University of Applied Sciences

Schijvens Corporate Fashion is a partner of the international education project on Integrated reporting of Avans University of Applied Sciences. To this end, they approached a number of SMEs that have embedded sustainability in their strategy to tell us something about this. Schijvens cannot be missed in this series.

We produce fully circular by the end of 2022

Shirley Schijvens is the 5th generation of the family owned business Schijvens Corporate Fashion in Hilvarenbeek. Her ambition is to have a fully circular production by the end of 2022. She has therefore been involved in the sustainable development of Schijvens for a number of years. Employees, chain partners and customers; they do it all together. This is even a bit “addictive” for her. She clearly explains in podcast episode 3 of ‘Elise in MVO-land’ what this way of working yields and costs her.

Supplier meeting 2021

After two years, a virtual meeting and countless e-mails and telephone conversations, the time had finally come last week, our annual Supplier meeting. This took place in Istanbul this year and it was so nice to see everyone again after such a long time!

National day of the Netherlands

At the Expo2020 in Dubai we had the opportunity to talk to H.M. Queen Máxima about the circular corporate clothing that Schijvens has produced for the Dutch pavilion. In addition, we were able to give the Queen and Ambassador Lody Embrechts an explanation of our Women Empowerment project in Pakistan that we recently started.

Top Dutch Solar Racing: Sustainable team clothing by Schijvens

We knew that if we really want to promote sustainability and drive positive change, we can’t just print our logo on any green t-shirt and call it a day. Instead, we partnered up with Schijvens Corporate Fashion who produce circular fashion made from recycled materials.

Maas and Schijvens Corporate Fashion are joining forces with circular clothing

We are completely moving across to sustainable work clothing in collaboration with Schijvens Corporate Fashion. We are making our clothing circular by collecting old work clothing and using this as a raw material for new work clothing. We recently introduced the new clothing for our baristas to mark the start of our collaboration.

Fair Wear Foundation rates Schijvens with a 9.6

Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been committed to creating good working conditions in the factories where our customers’ clothing is produced for many years. We entered into a collaboration with the Fair Wear Foundation in 2010 and have been fighting for fair working conditions in the clothing industry together ever since that time.

How to tell if company clothing is really sustainable

How do you know for sure that the clothes you wear are recycled? And how sustainable is sustainable then? We have been in the dark for a long time, but we are now working on a standard that shows you exactly how sustainable (company) clothing is.

Introduction Aware

Schijvens has partnered with Aware ™, a traceability technology that can truly and easily verify the authenticity of sustainable materials. With a simple scan you can distinguish fake material from real sustainable fabric.

Return logistics: Introduction R-ladder

It’s an absolute must to keep the chain closed in order to be circular. That’s why it’s of vital importance to take back any delivered products, also once they’ve been used. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has organised this ‘return logistics’ in an innovative manner, together with its partners PostNL and Dobbi.

Chemicaliën, water en energie (WECH)

In the past year, we closely studied the chemical process in our productions. Think of dyes, but also certain finishes such as making blouses non-iron. All these applications can affect people and the environment, and we limit this as much as possible.

What is circular clothing?

We notice that there are still many different ideas about the meaning of circular workwear. In this blog we want to tell you our explanation of what we mean by circular clothing.

Schijvens Corporate Fashion Silver Medallist

The Process Award is een Award voor de succesvolle toepassing van een innovatieve oplossing op het gebied van proces- en productiemethoden. De gekozen oplossing moet een positieve bijdrage leveren aan het milieu en tegelijkertijd bijdragen aan de economische en sociale aspecten van duurzame ontwikkeling.

Visit King Willem-Alexander and state secretary Stientje van Veldhoven

Who would have ever thought that: King Willem-Alexander and State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven who visited Schijvens Corporate Fashion in Hilvarenbeek today. What an honor! We talked about a circular economy in the textile sector: what are the opportunities, the challenges, what do we need and who do we need.

Schijvens once again leader at Fair Wear Foundation

Schijvens has been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2010 and is assessed annually on its efforts and performance with regard to social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works. Yesss, once again Schijvens has retained its status as leader brand within the Fair Wear Foundation!!

ABN AMRO – Schijvens: Fully circular corporate fashion

How do you make clothes without wasting a thread? Schijvens Corporate Fashion produces work clothing of 50 percent recycled work clothing and 50 percent recycled plastic. No new raw materials are added, so production is completely circular. Watch the short video and learn all about Schijvens’ circular business model.


To pursue for a clear and unambiguous formulation of circular textiles, the NEN is setting a standard. Until clear test methods for a NEN standard have been described, a Dutch Technical Agreement has now been made, which describes how one can subdivide circular textiles.

Finalist European Business Award for the Environment

The European Commission has asked all countries to submit their best circular companies. Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been judged by the jury of the European Business Awards for the Environment 2020-2021 as winner of the Dutch Circular Business Award and nominee for the Koning Willem 1 Plaquette. We have been chosen as finalist from 16 countries (last 4!) and in November we hear in Brussels if we can bring the award to the Netherlands!

Kruidvat goes circulair

At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have been making corporate clothing for Kruidvat for years. This includes the old polo that was in the collection around the year 2010. This has been removed from the collection, but now, in 2020, we decided to reintroduce it. This, because many like to wear the polo.

Nomination Koning Willem I Plaque for Schijvens

Last Tuesday, together with 11 other Dutch companies, distinguished by sustainable entrepreneurship, we were nominated for the King Willem I plaque for Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2020. This meeting took place at Paleis Soestdijk.

Artikel MVO Nederland: Koploper Shirley Schijvens (Schijvens)

In the interview series “Koploper uitgelicht” we ask a company from our Frontrunner network of Large Business Network every month about their ambitions and the opportunities they see to be part of that transition. Shirley Schijvens sets a new course for the company that her family started over one hundred and fifty years ago with the development of one hundred percent circular corporate clothing.

BNR nieuwsradio The Green Quest

At The Green Quest they are looking for the sustainable doers of BV Netherlands and every week someone is invited to the broadcast. Last Monday Jaap Rijnsdorp, CEO at Schijvens, who takes part.

Schijvens once again leader at Fair Wear Foundation

Schijvens is annually assessed by the Fair Wear Foundation on its performance with regard to social working conditions in the clothing factories with which Schijvens works. This year, Schijvens once again achieved a score of no less than 86 points, which we are very proud of!

The end of the week of the circular economy

The Week of the Circular Economy was a great success for Schijvens this year! Not only did we get a fantastic start this week with winning the Circular Award 2020 in the Business category, but we were also interviewed on Radio Circulair and ended the week with the gong!

TBI goes circular!

TBI introduced their new workwear during the Week of the Circular Economy. They have done this with a video that shows the entire circular process of their clothing

Winner Circular Award Business 2020!

We are very happy that we have been able to win the Circular Award Business 2020!! The Circular Business Award goes annually to the company that innovates the most within their own business operations and shows what a circular economy can mean for the Netherlands.

Final report: In de ogen van een ander

This week the final report of the research on agape within businesses was published. This research, titled: In de ogen van de ander. Een witboek voor agapè in een bedrijfsomgeving, was written by Prof Dr Harry Hummels.

Aid and trade are increasing together

Last week a camera crew visited the Schijvens office. This camera crew came to record a video commissioned by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Kaag plays an important role in this video.

Circular workwear

A very special moment in the history of corporate clothing in the Netherlands! For the first time, a permanent, affordable collection of fully circular work clothing is available from stock.

Signing Transparency Pledge

Schijvens has signed a Transparency Pledge with 7 other companies that participate in the Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile. In this we promise to be transparent about our production by publishing a list showing where we produce our clothing, what type of clothing we produce there and how many people work there.

Together we succeed!

In collaboration with the Municipality of Hilvarenbeek, Schijvens started more than a year ago, together with Biniam en Solomon, the process “Together we succeed.” Biniam and Solomon are refugees with a residence permit from Eritrea and work with us on return logistics.

Welkoop kiest voor betalen leefbaar loon

Until now, Schijvens paid the increase for paying a living wage instead of the lower minimum wage. Welkoop would like to take responsibility and let Schijvens know that they would like to pay this increase.

Ministers embrace Schijvens’ recycling contract

In the presence of Minister Kaag (NL) and Minister Pekcan (TR), Schijvens Corporate Fashion and Gama Iplik Recycling have extended their contract to take the recycling of used (company) clothing to a higher level.

Supplier meeting 2019

Last week, the supplier meeting 2019 and its amazing success were in the spotlight at Schijvens! This year the annual meeting took place in the Netherlands (after editions in locations including Karachi, Hong Kong and Turkey).

Schijvens presents sustainable fashion to Mark Rutte in Hanoi

On 9 April, a fashion show was held in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. Prime Minister Mark Rutte was also present. During the show, Alexander Kohnstamm, Director of the Fair Wear Foundation handed over a study into violence and intimidation in the workplace to the Vietnamese Minister.

Praxis, Brico & Planit go circular!

The DIY Group takes its responsibility very seriously where corporate social responsibility is concerned. They have also fully implemented this in their workwear with effect from this year. This clothing is produced in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

Schijvens in het NOS-journaal

Today in the NOS news, Pierre Hupperts (chairman of the ICSR steering committee) and Shirley Rijnsdorp-Schijvens talk about the Covenant on Sustainable Garments and Textile.

Supplier meeting 2018

Schijvens welcomed its suppliers in Karachi, Pakistan, at the end of November for the annual supplier meeting. All suppliers came together in order to brainstorm about further developments, with the following motto: “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

Schijvens report rating 8.6 at Fair Wear Foundation

From the social labor standards drawn up by Fair Wear, points can be obtained that ultimately form the mark for Schijvens. This year Schijvens has achieved a score of no less than 86 points, 11 points more compared to last year!

Schijvens goes Middle-East

After the success of our educational trip to Turkey 3 years ago, we decided to go with our whole team to the Middle-East last Eastern weekend.

Schijvens Best Practice living wage in Turkey

Fair Wear Foundation’s Annual conference is an event organized annually for members and stakeholders. A Best Practice Award will also be presented during this event. This Award recognizes innovative projects aimed at improving working conditions in factories.

Hema in Schijvens’ circular clothing

The latest HEMA concept was opened in Tilburg on September 21. What we as Schijvens Corporate Fashion are extremely proud of is that we are part of this new concept.

Schijvens Leader at Fair Wear Foundation

We, as a company, have become LEADER within Fair Wear with an impressive score of 75 points. Being a leader within the Fair Wear Foundation means we form part of the highest achievable category and are therefore realising outstanding results.

Supplier meeting 2017 Turkey

The annual Schijvens supplier meeting, which we have introduced since 2013, was again a success this year! Our producers, cloth manufacturers and yarn suppliers came to our factory in Turkey this year from Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, India and Morocco.

Covenant on sustainable clothing and textiles

Transparency is the future and necessary in the clothing sector. Last July 4th it was a year ago that the textile covenant was concluded, to which 40% of the Dutch textile industry has already joined!

From plastic bottles and worn textile to sustainable corporate clothing

Schijvens went looking for a solution to re-use worn textiles and ‘waste’. It turned out that plastic from plastic bottles with recycled textile together makes the ideal raw material for a new clothing fabric. This 100% recycled and sustainable clothing fabric is used to produce T-shirts and sweat jackets for personnel in the Stayokay hotel chain.