Maxime van Gaalen

Women empowerment

Schijvens started a women’s empowerment program in 2022 in collaboration with Zeeman, research expert Rabia, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and 3 Pakistani suppliers, in which research is conducted into gender equality and women’s empowerment, and a group of women are given the opportunity to find a place in the labor market, with all the tools and given space to develop themselves in work and personal skills.

Nomination BOV-Trophy 2023

On June 1, Sander Pouwelse and Simon van Esch managed to surprise us at our office in Hilvarenbeek. They came with the happy news that Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been nominated for the BOV trophy 2023 within the Schaalbaar Succes theme!

New summer look for Etos employees

This summer you see Etos employees in a completely new look. Since 2017, Etos has introduced the Pick & Mix line. Every day, employees can choose their own style with ten items from the Etos clothing collection. In this way, more than 5,400 employees create their own Etos look. A new sustainable shirt has been added to this collection.

European Parliament

Our CEO Jaap Rijnsdorp was invited at the European Parliament in Brussels to speak about Due Diligence Legislation. During this meeting they debate about the practical implementation of the CSDD directive and the tools needed to achieve the objectives set by the CSDD directive and sectoral Due Diligence legislation.