Maxime van Gaalen

Family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion, social for 160 years

Since 2000, Schijvens Corporate Fashion has focused with heart and soul on fairwear. Since 2016, the company has been producing almost completely circularly. The most famous Dutch companies such as KLM, NS and Albert Heijn have their employees dressed by Schijvens. Ambassadors, ministers and even His Majesty the King came to Hilvarenbeek to see how team Schijvens does it. “Well, step by step. You just have to start.” A special interview with commercial director Shirley Schijvens.

Beyond labels: in conversation with Schijvens Corporate Fashion

Family business Schijvens Corporate Fashion has been producing corporate clothing for many well-known companies such as Albert Heijn, KLM, Kruidvat en McDonald’s. hey started working on sustainability and social entrepreneurship at an early stage. Erna Heymans🌍💚♻️ from EE Labels talked to CEO Jaap Rijnsdorp about their journey to sustainable entrepreneurship.

Women empowerment

Schijvens started a women’s empowerment program in 2022 in collaboration with Zeeman, research expert Rabia, Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and 3 Pakistani suppliers, in which research is conducted into gender equality and women’s empowerment, and a group of women are given the opportunity to find a place in the labor market, with all the tools and given space to develop themselves in work and personal skills.