Artikel MVO Nederland: Koploper Shirley Schijvens (Schijvens)

Artikel MVO Nederland: Koploper Shirley Schijvens (Schijvens)

March 9, 2020

Last week MVO Nederland published a nice article about CEO of Schijvens, Shirley Schijvens in the interview series “Koploper Uitgelicht”.

Leader Shirley Schijvens (Schijvens): “Once, everyone wanted our recycled clothes.”


Large and innovative companies are indispensable for reaching the tipping point in the new economy. The leaders of those companies work with vision and guts on the transition. In the interview series “Koploper uitgelicht” we ask a company from our Frontrunner network of Large Business Network every month about their ambitions and the opportunities they see to be part of that transition. Shirley Schijvens sets a new course for the company that her family started over one hundred and fifty years ago with the development of one hundred percent circular corporate clothing.

Read the full article here.

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