What we do

With our enthusiastic Team

we take the full process off the clients hands, from the design process to the delivery

1. Appointment

An appointment is scheduled with the client to discuss the wishes and possibilities.

2. Design

The collection is designed by our in-house stylists according to the client’s wishes.

3. Production

Once all designs are approved, the clothing goes into production. The clothing is produced in the factories of our supply chain partners.

4. Quality control

At the office in Hilvarenbeek, the clothing is submitted to quality control. Here the clothing is checked during the production process from fabric to garment.

5. Stock (management or direct delivery)

When the clothing leaves production, we provide inventory management and distribution, from our own distribution centre, to all customer locations. There is also the possibility for the customer to have the clothing delivered directly.

6. Webshop or EDI ordering system

We can set up a webshop completely according to the wishes of the customer. This webshop makes it possible for the employees of the various branches of the client to order the corporate fashion online. Another option is to order the corporate fashion via the EDI ordering system.

7. Delivery

If the clothing is in stock it will be delivered within 48 hours.

8. Return logistics

Worn clothing is collected by PostNL and taken to our warehouse in Bladel. In Bladel the clothes are sorted by colour, bundled and sent to Turkey. For more information, visit the circular process page.