Customer satisfaction

We score a 9!

Read below some reviews from our customers:

Fine cooperation with this supplier

“Schijvens has an eye for the client and moves with them in these difficult times. Furthermore, the company is able to offer Re-cycle and Re-use, which is good for the environment and also saves costs for the customer. Customer service almost always responds immediately. Very pleasant collaboration!”

An honest story

“We have a great working relationship. I value responsible production for people and the environment with all that that implies. And that’s what Schijvens stands for.”

Circularity is carried out in all components

“The circularity of production and supply of corporate fashion is carried out in all components. The cooperation and contact with Schijvens is pleasant.”

A deal is a deal and that's really good

“Good quality, extremely durable and contributes ideas and solutions.”

Good cooperation and reliable

“Short lines of communication and very customer friendly. Proactive.”

Nice company with nice people

“Clear vision, leader in CSR, standards and values of a family business.”

Great company, takes care of business, always contributes ideas and solutions

“My experience is good. Good cooperation and always thinks constructively. Very pleased:).”

A true partner

“It is very pleasant to work with (all employees of) Schijvens. They contribute ideas and solutions, and can respond very quickly”.

A fine collaboration!

“We chose Schijvens as our partner for corporate fashion because they have been proactive with us throughout the process, are genuine and do what is promised. The Schijvens team is committed and has proven to be a reliable partner. Moreover, the core values of both our organisations are very similar. We hope to continue the cooperation for many years to come.”

What a great company to work with

“Every day we get compliments on the staff clothing. What a wonderful company Schijvens is to work with.”

The result of a beautiful collaboration

“Over 100,000 employees dressed in the new Albert Heijn collection. This is the result of a very positive collaboration between Schijvens and Albert Heijn. Thank you for your effort, creativity and perseverance.”

Enthusiasm and service

“Enthusiasm of the team and service. Also, the fact that trading large volumes is not an issue.”

A partner, innovative and flexible

“Schijvens is more than a supplier. Schijvens is a partner and is innovative and flexible.”

Personal attention

“Pleasant and personal contact. Schijvens is ultimate service oriented, has personal attention and is selflessly very customer focused.”

Decisiveness that delivers on its promise

“Schijvens has a better deal than the competition ‘everywhere’. Price promise, written confirmation and in practice the decisiveness that fulfils the promise”.

Creative very well translated

“The briefing prepared for the different formulas was creatively very well translated.”

Good and fast

“Service fee, inventory control. Communication from back office is good and fast.”

Absolutely meets expectations

“Schijvens’ clothing absolutely meets expectations and the quality is good.”