About us

Our vision

is that we produce in a fully circular way by the end of 2028

Schijvens Corporate Fashion

Since 1863 Schijvens Corporate Fashion designs, produces and distributes corporate fashion for retailers, construction companies and logistics companies with clients such as Albert Heijn, NS, KLM, Transavia, CSU, Kruidvat, Etos, Hema, Praxis, Karwei, Gamma, McDonald’s, Leen Bakker, Sligro, Makro, Intratuin, Blokker, NS Retail, Welkoop, Vermaat, Hutten, Compass Eurest, Jacks Casino, Ricoh, TBI, Engie, StayOkay, Duracel, Plan-it, and Brico.

As of 2005, the current fifth generation has been running the family business, and together with a team of 85 enthusiastic young people, we ensure that the full process is taken off the client’s hands. At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have all the departments necessary to provide a high quality production process, including a design department, a quality department, our own factory in Turkey, a purchasing department, a sales department with inside and outside sales, a distribution centre and supporting staff departments.

From a modest start to great success!

Schijvens Corporate Fashion has grown enormously in recent years. Curious about our company? Watch our new video.

We work intensively and with full trust, mutual respect and transparency with our partners in the supply chain, also called our value circle. Through this collaboration and perseverance, we succeeded in creating a circular production process.


Schijvens’ mission is ​​to produce sustainable, post-consumer corporate fashion (driven by pre-worn garments) that employees are proud and happy to wear. The fact that the staff carries out the formula of the company and therefore provides a stylish business card is an additional advantage.


At Schijvens Corporate Fashion we have been well aware for years that continuing with the traditional way of producing is no longer viable in the long run and this awareness is reflected in our due diligence. We strive for an economy in which today’s goods form the basis for tomorrow’s products; a circular economy. At the moment, three quarters of what we produce is sustainable, but we want to increase that.

My objective is to be able to make one hundred percent sustainable corporate fashion by 2022. My biggest dream is that all our competitors will do the same. Then sustainable becomes the norm and we can finally do something on a large scale about the pile of old clothes that is now accumulating. No matter how hard it is, it just has to be done. And that’s what I’m going for.” – Shirley Schijvens


T’riffic has been the Schijvens workwear brand for several decades. The T’riffic collection is a broad collection of general workwear, suitable for companies in construction, logistics, assembly and event construction. 

Because we have the T’riffic collection in stock in Bladel, it can be ordered in small quantities, so even smaller companies can wear our corporate fashion. As of fall 2019, we also have a fully circular line. We now have two lines at T’riffic: Fair Wear and Circular. The entire collection can be viewed at www.triffic.com.