A collaboration of values

A collaboration of values

March 21, 2024


The new corporate clothing in a sustainable format

Completely circularly produced and made from worn textiles

Koppert Cress is proud to introduce its new circular workwear collection. A collection designed not only to offer a modern look and comfort, but also to make a powerful statement in its commitment to sustainability.

The corporate clothing is fully circularly produced and made from worn textiles. With the circular workwear, we save 5,226,000 litres of water, 5277 kg of CO2 and 104,896 MJ of energy. This can be compared to 80,399 showers, 38,750 km of car driving and 189 years of watching TV!


A collaboration of values

In collaboration with Goodfuture and Schijvens Corporate Fashion, we did not just create any clothes; we developed a collection with a purpose. Remco Dupuis of Goodfuture put us in touch with Schijvens, a family-run business that, like us, believes in sustainability as a core value. The circle was completed with their collection, where the clothes can be recycled by Schijvens after use. A T-shirt then actually becomes a T-shirt again. Schijvens makes company clothing from recycled textiles (collected clothing, cutting waste) and recycled polyester, including from fishing nets and old sportswear. This keeps the yarn strong, colorfast and hard-wearing. All old industrial clothing is handed in at Schijvens to be recycled into new corporate clothing.



Step by step to sustainability

Besides the dedication and beautiful cooperation between the various parties, it is a step towards the principles of recycling and minimizing waste. This allows us to make an impact together – after all, the garment industry has a big impact on the environment!

David Rijnsdorp of Schijvens, representing the fifth generation of the family business, shares our commitment to sustainability. ‘We are delighted that a sustainable company like Koppert Cress is making the move to circular corporate clothing and that Goodfuture has brought us together. Just like Koppert Cress, we are also continuously working on further sustainability in our industry, it’s great to see our family businesses joining hands like this,’ says David Rijnsdorp.



A circular story

The new clothing is black and the polo shirts and T-shirts are in the house style burgundy or modern color Racing Green, which stands for sustainability, reliability, energy and growth. They subtly feature a small cress and the Koppert Cress logo. But the collection goes beyond a than this modern look and feel; it tells a story of circularity. All old workwear is handed in and used for recycling, creating a closed loop. This is not just a new outfit; it is a contribution to a new sustainable step.


From our employees, for our employees

At Koppert Cress, we believe in the power of our team. That is why the employees were actively involved in the design process. Their wishes and needs were translated into a collection that is not only sustainable, but also a reflection of our collective pride.

“We also really listened to the employees’ feedback and looked for a suitable design in which everyone feels comfortable,” says Yorgos van ‘t Wout.

A living proof of dedication, Yorgos started as a production employee some 17 years ago and has since developed within the Communications team, where he has been an enthusiastic participant in numerous projects for Koppert Cress. Together with our production staff and project team, he actively contributed to the design process of the new clothing, focusing on the wishes and needs of our employees.

“With this new corporate clothing, we are going beyond the production floor; we are going for a sustainable future together. Let’s take this sustainable step together, the pioneers of Koppert Cress not only wear modern look, but also a message of change. This circular corporate clothing is not only an expression of the mission One Koppert Cress. Because the company’s success comes from the fact that we do it together,” said HR manager Dorothea Claessen.