Schijvens Best Practice living wage in Turkey

Schijvens Best Practice living wage in Turkey

November 7, 2017

Annual conference Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation always strives for innovative ways of improving working conditions in clothing factories. Schijvens also tries to contribute to this with new ideas and projects, in a bid to improve the chain step by step. We do this together with our partners, in order to realise the best results possible. We have already managed to book some impressive results and we are now ‘leading’ within Fair Wear, the top category for companies affiliated with this organisation.

Fair Wear Foundation’s Annual conference is an event which is organised for members and stakeholders on an annual basis. The Best Practice Award is also awarded during this event. This award recognises innovative projects focussed on improving working conditions in factories.

Living wage in Turkey

We are incredibly pleased to have been nominated for this award with our Living Wage project in Turkey. We launched this project at the end of last year, whereby we developed a tool focussed on the living wage. Employees in clothing factories right across the world are often underpaid and don’t have a large enough income to support their families. We have established a fair wage through research and in consultation with employees in our own factory in Turkey. We have also looked into exactly what our clothing is supposed to cost, making sure a living wage is incorporated in this. Ultimately everyone needs to take their responsibility and make an appropriate contribution.

The employees in our factory in Turkey are incredibly happy, but this isn’t where our ambition stops. We have now introduced our tool to all our partners during our annual suppliers meeting. To make sure we can continue to expand this project to our other production locations, allowing us to eventually be certain all people who work on our clothing receive a fair wage.

The winner of the 3 nominees will be announced on the 10th of November. It goes without saying we would like to win, but we already feel very fortunate to have been nominated and happy with the fantastic tool we have developed. We hope to be able to inspire others with our project!